Who can use D2S

You can use D2S if you’re building a high code application. This is when your developers write the code.

Your team must maintain the application throughout its life cycle as D2S is unable to support this.

If you’re building a low code application, check to see if the Foundry Automation Centre of Expertise (ACOE) can help.

What D2S does

D2S is a secure and assured cloud-native application platform to help you quickly develop digital services. You can use industry-leading DevSecOps tools to build your CI/CD pipeline.

We offer:

  • support for incident and service management issues
  • self-serve learning and guidance to help you get started on the platform and build your pipeline
  • a Community of Practice to talk to subject matter experts, network and share knowledge

The D2S team can also help you:

  • access DevOps tooling and training
  • use our GitHub services and re-use of code
  • to join the Defence DevOps community sessions and specialist events

The benefits of using D2S

Using a common DevSecOps platform and approach helps you to quickly develop and deploy applications.

With D2S, you can:

  • start building your application once you’re onboarded
  • securely deploy applications on MODCloud’s infrastructure and deliver your service from anywhere, including virtual and physical locations
  • build and deploy applications more quickly as the platform has automation, security and CI/CD capabilities built in
  • reuse code, software and data through our code repository

You can read more about the platform and what it can do on our Features page.

Contact us

You can email the D2S team if you have any questions.

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